Easter 2015

Easter 2015-3 Easter 2015-6 Easter 2015-7 Easter 2015-10 Easter 2015-11 Easter 2015-12

What an amazing Easter Saturday! These two little boys are so loved!! I can’t believe how big they are getting!!


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Football 2014 – Game 1

Well football season 2014 is underway! Michael had his first pulled flag today.Game 1-1

First touchdown run



Game 1-7


First completed pass.



Game 1-11


Jacob and his mile hike to a bathroom with Grandpa Albert.


Game 1-8  Game 1-12 Game 1-16


And seriously how cute are these two?? Can’t imagine life without these sweet boys!!

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6 and 3!

What precious lil boys we have been blessed with. I love these little faces!!



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Easter Pics 2014


These boys are so ridiculously cute!! Adore them!

Easter 2014-1 Easter 2014-19 Easter 2014-21 Easter 2014-29

And a series of pics of Molly Kate photo bombing the Easter session. She is pretty damn happy to have these boys as her own. Just love how she squeezes in between the two of them to sit down. And I couldn’t have gotten pics like this if I pleaded and begged… It just happened to work out!


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Easter 2014


Lots of fun, food, and cuteness! Very blessed, wonderful way to celebrate Easter and the blessing our Savior has given us in time and eternity!!

Easter 2014-2 Easter 2014-7 Easter 2014-12

Easter 2014-15 Easter 2014-19 Easter 2014-23 Easter 2014-25 Easter 2014-25a Easter 2014-61 Easter 2014-100 Easter 2014-133 Easter 2014-141 Easter 2014-143 Easter 2014-145 - Copy Easter 2014-146 - Copy Easter 2014-191 - Copy Easter 2014-196 Easter 2014-203 - Copy Easter 2014-241 Easter 2014-242 Easter 2014-244 Easter 2014-246 Easter 2014-248 Food

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Bluebonnets 2014

Waited a bit long this year, so sadly some of the bluebonnets had been trampled… but the boys are as cute as ever. Always love being behind the camera and looking at their cute expressions.

2014 Bluebonnets-3 2014 Bluebonnets-33 2014 Bluebonnets-54 2014 Bluebonnets-55 2014 Bluebonnets-86 2014 Bluebonnets-87 2014 Bluebonnets-100 2014 Bluebonnets-109 2014 Bluebonnets-140 2014 Bluebonnets-149 2014 Bluebonnets-150 nmb v

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Meeting Santa in 2013

Michael was so excited to meet Santa, Jacob was not. Michael ran up to hug him, Jacob ended up in daddy’s arms. Michael sat on his lap, Jacob refused so grampa Ricky had to hold him. Maybe by next year Jacob will be excited like big brother to see Santa!!

Christmas 2013-38 Christmas 2013-40 Christmas 2013-42 Christmas 2013-44 Christmas 2013-45 Christmas 2013-48 Christmas 2013-51

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